Launch Your eCommerce Business!
So your site is technically ready to launch. 
Do you have the marketing and testing tools 
in place to really drive your eCommerce business?

Why We Created This Toolkit
FROM: Justin King (Founder)
RE: Why We Created the Launch Toolkit
Look - this is not standard practices.

Maybe we are giving away too much - but at B2X Partners our mission is to empower distributors and manufacturers to own and drive their eCommerce business. That's why we pooled together information from our experience with clients, companies, and our own business to create this toolkit for businesses ready to launch their site.

We've had clients come to us again and again at the end of their technical development to say: wait, now what do we do?! We have a site, but how do we launch it? How do we test it? How do we sell it internally? How do we communicate it to our clients? This toolkit addresses each of those questions with concrete, detailed, action plans. 

We know these methods work - and will work for you. We live and breathe B2B digital. We understand your team, we understand your customers. We have seen what works. 

Justin King
Your Site Launch Success Needs a Plan
Do you know what you need to do for a successful launch?
  •  Training Materials: The tools you need to train your internal team and your customers. With a professional, customizable Powerpoint that you can design and share.  
  • Launch Timeline: Marketing and communications timeline to cover your bases as you get ready for your website launch.
  •  Content Calendar Template: Start planning your communications strategy with a customizable Excel calendar.
  •  Email Guidelines: Maximize your email marketing. What emails and what email sequences do you need? PLUS: Graphic guidelines for email and social media.
  •  User Acceptance Testing: Detailed guidelines for running your own comprehensive User Acceptance Testing program.
  •  Usability Testing: Detailed guidelines for running your own comprehensive Usability Testing program. 
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