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Introducing the Agile RFP eBook
A New Approach to Defining Your Business Needs
Over the past couple of years, we have watched B2B companies struggle through their technology selection process and make bad decisions.
The Agile RFP eBook is a step by step, agile, and social approach to selecting B2B eCommerce platforms.
It is a new approach, built from the best examples of companies that have executed a great selection process.

Organizations that follow this agile methodology will benefit by:
  •  Having a thorough understanding of B2B eCommerce Platforms
  •  Identifying clear differentiators between vendors
  •  Integrating the selection process into your project
  •  Shorter selection time frames
  •  Creating user stories and requirements for the Design phase
  • Decreasing cost s
  •  Making clear and concise decisions
  •  Receiving confident estimates

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